Sunday valentines day another upgrade on the way!

So today is valentines day and for a while i been thinking about getting a webcam for my streams or not, cause im quite shy and dislike myself when im on photos. (I never take pictures of myself cause of that reason). But yea been quite an emotional rollercoaster and i feel its time to try breakout of my shell and dont be afraid of showing who i am…

But yea so for the past 2 weeks i been looking at webcams and i came across a perticular one that was recommended to me by a guildmember in a game i play. So looked it up and it have been out of stock everywhere… I mean everywhere! But today i was browsing around and found it on a site abit cheaper then on another site (about 200 sek cheaper) so i ordered it! Delivery date is next thursday/friday so we will see.

But yea not sure if i will dare use it or not but i will try my best!

I hope you are having/have been having a nice peaceful valentines day!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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