Tuesday thinking back on the past.

Today i finished reading for this weeks lecture after i was done with work, I have been walking back and forth thinking about how different my life have really turned the past only 5 years.

The ability to reflect on life and how it really has changed i gotta say has been an absolute intresting trip down memorylane.

5 years ago i was more seclueded and felt really annoy with alot of things and i wasnt really trying to be any different then the next kin around, but i gotta ask was that only a page in the book of my life that keeps being written. Slowly walking down the life road with lots of turn and changes. But even tho many look back at the history to see what we gotta do different in the future, the problem i see is yes you make mistakes but from mistakes you learn and grow.

Am i able to forgive people and move on or do i wanna stay in the past and let that slowly eating me up? Well 5 years ago i kept looking back but now i can look back and see that i keep walking and there is a tomorrow where i can learn something new, i wonder what i will learn tomorrow really.


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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