Saturday I need to make a decision…

Sometimes life comes in waves and I have realised that time is slowly but surely running out and soon enough life has come and passed by.

Life for me isnt really something I been reflecting over deeply atleast not as deep I have the past few days. But I think it have started dawning on me just how important choices you do impact your life..

Right now there is a global pandemic that is happening and well I am not vaccinated yet cause im afraid, the needles are what scares me to the deep of my core and I just feel reluctant, and yes I know its very egocentric thinking of me and I know it saves life atleast partly.

But I will most likely end up taking the vaccine soon anyway, cause I would probably not survive an infection. But yea life is one way or another running out some are just faster over then others.

But yea Im getting to the point where I need to make quite a few decisions that will change my life permanently, some for the better and some will probably lead to some problems in the future but yea, it maybe is time to actually start living my life as I want it to be.


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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