Sunday exam focus..

So yea the blogpost that i released earlier is something of an topic for this year cause it is something that i honestly believe deserve to be talked about and so many people are feeling ill or even falling ill as the world is looking today. So yes the theme of 2021 is mental health! Seeing as i only have 1 more semester to do before this bachelor degree is done i hope to switch the whole focus of this blog and website! So yea that will happend closer to June! And as of Monday 18th of January i only have 20 weeks of uni left!

So the closer i get the more details i will share about the plan with this website and blog!

But anyway today i been focusing on the exam thats due this coming Friday (hope to have it done by Thursday latest!) But its crazy i have survived another semester to a certain degree, sure i have a retake to do later this January and gotta pass this final exam but will do that eventually!

But the final semester is approaching and first out is 5 weeks internship.. the final internship, then 5 weeks of the final subject and THEN 10 weeks exam paper study writing before i can get my degree.

But yea 3.5 years are closing in real fast and its been crazy, ups and downs and good things and bad things, but i already know what im doing as soon as i am done with uni so all good!

Tomorrow is back to work aswell 3 weeks went by this fast, like its hard to comprehand how fast time truely goes.

But yea final work week before internship starts tomorrow lets go! Aswell as the final week of the 6th semester starts tomorrow aswell!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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