Saturday music really can express more then words can sometime…

But yea its been an emotional rollercoaster that year of 2020 and it will keep being this way i think and i am currently in discussion with a few instances cause i dont know where i am going anymore and its quite disturbing. But yea i am coping but this year will most likely put a toll on my emotional stability once again. But for now i am fine and are getting help coping with it.

But yea i am certain there are so many out there that dont voice their problems or even talking about the mental unstability they are experiencing cause they think they need to “put up a strong front” “tell that they are fine and are doing fine” but i wanna say no YOU dont have to sit there staring up onto the people around you and stay strong. Noone can be strong every single moment of their life, everyone have had moments where they felt lost, confused, sad, angry, destroyed you name it. We humans have emotions and sometimes these emotions are impossible to cope with and they feel like you being eaten alive or drowned inside by your emotions or thoughts.

So yesterday i was looking for some music on youtube cause i need to have music when im studying or sketching or even just blankly stare outside the window as abit of whitenoise. But yea i came across a band called Citizen Soldier The more i listened to the lyrics i saw myself in so many of them so i will do as they post in the description and share cause i believe there are more people out there that cant put their own “excistence” into words but these lyrics actually put down my own internal turmoil into words that i was not to myself.

But i hope if you yourself recognice yourself in these songs just remember YOUR NOT ALONE!

Citizen Soldier – I am not okay

Citizen Soldier – Would anyone care

Citizen Soldier – The weight of the world


By Dan

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