Saturday in the dark corner…

In the dark corner in the back of my head there is always a thought, a person or something that either whispers, walks around, or sits there silently watching.

I saw a video today that contained a few lines of text that made me think of this dark corner i think everyone have sometime in their life, and i wonder why do i keep letting the voices keep deciding for me.

I have always had confident and selfasteem issues and that is just how it always have been, even after getting help pushing myself up. Deep down i wonder what is the purpose of mankind really, what is true happiness, how far do we walk on this earth to find the place to be. Questions some people spend their whole life thinking and reflecting about and never truely get an answer to.

This past week i finished watching the serie “The good place” wich tries in its own way answer the question about heaven and hell in a pretty relatable way i guess? Tho personally i believe in a life after death i truely do, i have ever since i learned about reincarnation believed that is something that might happend to some people not everyone. Cause there are something i searched an answer for and that is when i end up in a few places i can unexplainable put down details about how it looked, what transpired there and even sometimes feel a deep bond with that place as if i have lived there before.

I have a believe that if you form a deep emotional bond with the place you live in you have a chance of being reincarnated into the same place or a place close to that depending on your life.

But i also believe that deep down everyone want there to be something after we die, cause in life there are 3 things that truely excist to some extent (some more then others):

1. Life = Becoming sentient (feeling various things)
2. Time = Even tho its invisible time moves all the time.
3. Death = Time continues, but your essence changes form.

These 3 thing everyone experience and feel in various ways throughout their life. Even if it is for only a minute that you excist these 3 things will be in your life from start to end.

Quite a deep topic but it is something i needed to lift.


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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