Sunday some people amaze me in many ways.

So today started around 8am and i started watching a stream that had been going on from 7pm my time, and it was still going pretty strong, tho when i started watching the guy already had to restart the game twice wich he was playing. Now around 10:30am he was almost done with this game when it happend. He was forced to either switch games or restart a 4th time! People in the chat were like reset reset reset! Go play the other game.

After 15 minutes or so it was time again to restart that game again and go hard to complete it once and for all this time before getting some well deserved rest. Well he played through the game quite fast (around 3 hours or so) and then he was like i am done i will just go to the bathroom and that is when it happend, he came back and just decided that “hell we arent done yet” and onto the second game he went.

I am truely amazed at this individual for going pretty strong for well over 24 hours! have the energy to go that head on through the repeated failures and not give up until it was over!

Seeing that loving community and the energy they gave eachother was amazing not gonna lie.

After i am done with uni i will get back into streaming again, at the moment i am unsure if i will stick with my current twitch / youtube but we will see i have another 34 weeks left to decide on what i will be doing!

For the time being i will do some streams over on my twitch and see how well that develops!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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