Sunday Life is like the sea…

Its been a couple of weird weeks and now im feeling conflicted at one point. but also very weirdly calm inside and head.

It has really been a really heavy week this past week, since my head has raced with so many questions and so many minutes just going by with me sitting staring into silence this week.

But i also have found help with how to deal with all the thoughts and all the troubles that is on my mind and i am working on it myself to make sure i will be doing okay from now on.

Cause i am the only one who needs to hold on and my life is my ship that i am sailing my friends and family is crewmates and i will sail the waters of life. The sea is sometimes calm and sometimes raging and will claim something from you. But you will keep sailing until your ship finally will be put to rest at the end of sea and it will finally be peaceful down there. Nomore storms or rough seas awaits when you meet the final destination.

But yea i feel calm today and now back to work tomorrow and see what will happend next week!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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