Saturday trying to clear a heavy head..

So even after yesterdays events and it felt it was gonna happend, today my heart and my head been heavier cause there is never easy to let someone go. But i need to tell me it is for the better and they arent gone, cause they arent gone they just needed to walk another patch of the road in life.

So yea today i took a walk to clear my head, but it just ended up with me walking aimlessly around my town, trying to clear my head wich i needed to do anyway.

I also tried reaching out to a couple of swedish people to get to know some new people but its hard to get to know people when they arent really showing any try on actually holding a conversation so that just pissed me off.

I just havent felt this day and it is as it should be, but life will move on and i will keep moving!

I am also watching eurovision song contest final and i wonder who will win! My personal favorite is Norways song cause its funny and i am weak for wolfs so it really made me laugh and sing along!

Here if you missed it:

Anyway tomorrow is another day and last day for this week!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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