Friday sometimes its just to let go..

Yea so today it happend which wasnt surpricing for me but it still feels deep inside, so yea this evening i had an discussion with a person who have been with me for 1.5 months and really taught me so much both about myself and what kind of feelings i can feel for someone else.

But yea today have been a good day, was feeling pretty good about myself, in the evening that was when i had the faithful talk with my close friend about alot of things and it was the moment to let them walk their own path. To get their life on track and getting to a place where they wanna be in the future. I hope they will find happiness and peace of mind when everything has been settled down for them.

But yea no use going to sleep so i decided to stay up and play some pokemon with a friend until 5am and now its time to sleep so tomorrow i will probably be completely dead!

Anyway hope your friday have been good!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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