Just gonna voice my thoughts of the world today.

So in the middle of this corona pandemic i am really surpriced at how people are reacting. People asking questions like “Can i go to this high risk area i am healthy?” Like sure ignore what every scientist and virologist is saying… This is not ordinary flu and it is spreading like wildfire STILL. Before…… Continue reading Just gonna voice my thoughts of the world today.

Tuesday a philosophical question..

Today i been kinda deep in thought, i just got side tracked abit while studying today as i was reading i started asking some average questions like “should i remove the last rose from last year, from my rosebush?” “Maybe the weather will be nicer tomorrow.” Things like i dont really think about on a…… Continue reading Tuesday a philosophical question..

Friday reflecting thoughts.

So today i been thinking again, and also played an event on the game Maplestory were you need to go through several stages of a Jump Quest (wich is a quest where you jump alot and try go around obstacles.) But back onto my thoughts. The past few days have been a breeding ground for…… Continue reading Friday reflecting thoughts.

Monday i will just voice my mind today..

Normally i would say that today have not been an intresting day, well today was a day where i could start my post like that BUT i feel today i need to voice my thoughts again! I been thinking today about different things, and i have been trying to go to the bottom of what…… Continue reading Monday i will just voice my mind today..

Saturday the question…

Have you ever had a question that stuck with you all your life since you first heard it? Well i have one of those questions with me everyday of the week throughout the year. The question that follow me is “where are you going?” This question has been with me since i was 14 years…… Continue reading Saturday the question…

Friday sunshine and blue skies

Today have been another philosofical day(seems i have alot of these the past few days) but last night i couldnt sleep.. Normally i have no problem sleeping but last night i did. So i had to reset my brain so i watched 3 episodes of anime and noticed all 3 was the last episodes of…… Continue reading Friday sunshine and blue skies