Friday sunshine and blue skies

Today have been another philosofical day(seems i have alot of these the past few days) but last night i couldnt sleep.. Normally i have no problem sleeping but last night i did.

So i had to reset my brain so i watched 3 episodes of anime and noticed all 3 was the last episodes of the anime…

So during next week (IF i have time to spare) i will be updating my anime list again with 12+ new animes!

But today was another cold day but today the skies where blue and the sun was shining.

I also finished the playthrough of dragon’s dogma dark arisen. So now the game gave me the option to start a new game with my items, levels and skills wich is gonna be fun! Gonna be trying the magical archer to see how it plays.

Tried for 30 minutes and magical archer is really nice i like it!

But now i am gonna watch some anime and sleep, good night 😊