Saturday became movie day!

This post could contain text about Spiderman Into the Spiderverse and Fantastic Beasts the crimes of Grindewald that some people might see as spoilers! This post does not spoil any plots or scenes, it does mention really basic information about characters and/or known trailer/poster information.

This post comes abit late but i just got home after a day out with my friend, for good company, food and movies.

The movies we went to wich will be added to my movie list are:

  • Spiderman Into the spiderverse and
  • Fantastical Beasts the crimeof Grindewald.

Both me and my friend sat close to än hour just to discuss what movie(s) to watch, we were debating if we should only watch one and if that was the case wich one. But it ended with these two and i am glad to have seen both.

The Spiderman movie introduces the theory of the multiverse in a good and easy way, the way it is being explained is easy to follow and francly to understand. To break it down theoreticly there isnt only our universe there is, but there are several others that excist next to one another. So simply put there is according to this theory multiple versions of me or you. That all live in seperate ways and experience life in all different posibilities. But in this Spiderman movie they introduce 5 variations of Spiderman and Spidergirl. Everyone with their own backstory and short resumé of how they became the spider.

If you like Spiderman this should be watched, if you are hesitant cause its animated i would say watch it and then go ahead and judge it.

What can you expect to see in this movie?

  1. Different variations of the spider both Spiderman and Spidergirl.
  2. The badguys Kingpin, Scorpion, Goblin and Octavious (with a twist).
  3. Character development from the main character.
  4. Variating styles of animation.

I wont write more in the list but these 4 points are what i find the most intressting, ofcourse i could add in the plot and more but that would have to much spoilers. The most things i have mentioned are stuff seen on the poster and trailers not everything tho!

Now onto Fantastic Beasts wich was so nice for me to finally watch! I have been avoiding everything related to this movie except the trailer that was released earlier this year and some character information but that was all!

But what can i say about this movie, well we once again meet Newt, see Hogwarts, new and old beasts, magic. We also meet some familiar characters from the first movie, we also meet new ones. Some characters left me with a deeper inpression then others, but still all of the movie had a nice red line across the movie. I could follow what was happening aswell as get an insight in what happend and why.

There was also some points of intresst and a few scenes, people, creatures and items that to me atleast was recognisable from the Harry Potter movies.

I wont make a list about Fantastic Beasts like i did with Spiderman, cause i feel i already inclueded everything.

I also think that if you seen the first Fantastic Beasts you need to watch this, there is nothing more to say about that!

Since this post got delayed there is another post coming today (30th of December) cause i do wanna keep posting once a day!