Saturday packing, moving starting to unpack.

Today I packed pretty much the rest of my things that I will bring to the appartment, now the only thing thats left is my PC, 2 screens, bookcase/shelfs and my chair and all that!

But those will be moved to the appartment tomorrow!

My best friend came and helped me take the last pieces to the appartment and also helped me think about what funiture to get since im severly lacking in that departement for now.

We also decided to move the table from the living room to the Kitchen and I quite like how it turned out! Now I have a whole living room to setup, wich will be with relaxers and sofas and bookcase and so on, im looking forward to when I have all that!

My friend was nice enough to help me unpack the few boxes that I had, the rooms are abit empty but not for long im still thinking how I want everything to be! Will potentially post pictures later!

But also I didnt sleep very good cause I had thoughts if I had a bathroom sink or not about 75 times last night.. so 10am in the morning we went down to the appartment cause I had to check… yes I have a sink and that was that!

Now ima sleep and tomorrow we move the final things!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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