Sunday ikea and hunting for a sofa!

Yes today I have been productive the last of the big things have been moved to the appartment, it wasnt an easy job but its now done and I can relax and assemble stuff later! The important part was to actually get the things down to the appartment so I can figure out how to put everything!

I also went to Ikea for lamp and some other things! Spent about 160 euros there today, on things I needed anyway!

Then I also went on a hunt for a sofa and that went okay, found 2 that was really really nice that I might invest money into, but gonna spend tuesday and Saturday next week looking into that!

So been a long day and im exausted after a full weekend of moving and started to unpack im exausted!

Tomorrow im unpacking the rest to find the right place for everything! Cause starting tomorrow I will have everything there, just need to buy a few more things then everything is ready!

Furniturewise im missing a sofa, a small bedside table well 2.

Other things im missing are curtains, table cloth, rugs, lamps.. list is quite extensive but everything will come in due time! For now its important to get the neccesary things so I can relax on that part!

But its been a long day and im exausted so ima go sleep now!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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