Sunday thinking towards the future…

So once again its one of these days where i look towards where i wanna be in a few years and it seems these thoughts are more or less here daily now..

So yea where do i see myself in a few years? I dont know, i dont really have any big goals for now, but that doesnt mean i dont look for where i wanna go or what roads i wanna travel.

I do wanna see more of the world and i wanna understand the world abit more, abit deeper cause i do feel we all have a connection to the world in one way of another.

But im not scared of the world like i was before, its been intresting to see myself thinking about the world in the ways i done the past few years.

I dont think anyone view the world the sameway as anyone else but i do believe we all seek to understand it in some way or form. But the world is vast and we dont really know more then we did a few decades ago. But i see the world as a place where we learn and grow and that will be my view for quite some time longer.

Am i worried about the future? yes and no but im not scared of the future i just wanna see where it will take me this life of mine, cause we dont know what awaits us on the horizon!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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