Friday laying my tired head to rest..

Its been a very heavy week, my head feel like im drowning and my body feels like its sinking. Not like im running out of air but i just feel increadibly heavy like im sinking but im sitting..

Even tho i slept every single night decently like full nights and gotten 6-8 hours of sleep each night it is not enough, i dont feel rested, i dont feel like i gotten much sleep at all, i just feel drained completely drained. No matter if i lay my tired head to rest i am still as tired when i wake up again.

I have taken a few days to think about the outside world, i see people who are more broken then me, i see people that are doing alot better then me. But i also see alot of people claiming they are “helping” others but all they do is talking about “how” they can help but not “what” they do to help.

I am so tired and i also know that one day my time on this planet will come to and end like everything else. I looked up towards the yellow leafs on the trees today and i just caught myself thinking:
– “Each leaf is as unique as each person but as soon as they hit the floor that once unique leaf is doomed to disappear” We all surround ourselfs with things but all those things will as that leaf disappear.

But in a sence im scared of disappearing but in the sametime im not, cause its in the end unavoidable but in another sence energy can never disappear it can transform and if its like that, wouldnt that mean the essence of each living thing, either human, insects, animals, trees, flowers etc is eternal and just changes into something new but it never disappears and in that sence can never be forgotten?

Yea this week is now over and i have weekend plans so thats gonna hopefully be a good weekend! Enjoy your weekend everyone!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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