Today i really sleept like a horse! I dont regret sleeping this long or this hard it was amazing! But i also felt completely dead the rest of the day tho.. But when you sleept that good then it is ok to be tired… I was also able to show the game progress i done […]

I was tired from start to finish today, i think i took micro naps on the bus down today. I did keep yawning throughout the day but it was just one of these kind of days. I did experience something scary just before the fruit and that was that my bloodsugar fell quite harshly and […]

Today i was abruptly awaken to do grocery shopping, i mean all is fine and its neccesary BUT at 8am thats way to agressive for my taste. Also there was heavy rain outside, nothing beats brash wakeups like heavy rain wich i had to go in. The rain kept falling until around 4pm maybe 5 […]