Today i just kept asking myself at points where are the world going? With everything that is currently going on and what keeps happening i really do wonder what is and where are we going with our world? People are in such a rush to get back to normal that the people who are supposed […]

Yes the weather is nice and all but when 30+ degrees and gotta have energy for work that aint a good combo. The rest of the day i spent trying to cool myself down! I hope you all out there in this heat stay hydrated and have enough time to cool off! //Dan

So i am watching twitter a few times on a daily basis and since yesterday i noticed an uprise in more trash talking and reputation bashing then i seen before.. It is like alot of people are using their platform to defame/attack other people. It feels like people instead of talking about it in a […]

Today was the start of a new week, and the weather in the morning was warm and sunshine with a few clouds on the sky and horizon! The further into the day we came the more clouds came in and the wind was picking up! I actually was feeling like it was cold in my […]

Today was the day, my earphones broke. They have been having issues for awhile now and today they finally broke down.. So as a backup plan until i can buy new ones im using my old headset earphones the ones that the mic dont work but earphones work.. I will be ordering new headphones, i […]

So after yesterdays celebration and potentially abit to much fun i could not get out of bed.. I was drained and lacked any real energy.. The day was spent with youtube and facebook posts before helping out with a puzzle before going home. It feels like now is this celebrating done and i can just […]

Today was the day where most people celebrate the shortest night of the year! I did spent it with a few friends and tried thinking about social distancing to make sure we all had fun in a responcible way! I hope you all stayed safe and enjoyed the shortest night of the year! //Dan

Today i didnt start working until 12pm, after work i ended up walking into the pharmacy to pick up some painkillers cause they were all out at home. Then i was tasked with walking into the liquer store, the problem was it felt like everyone was there like everyone! There was a massive que outside, […]

Today i had a day off, the sun was shining and the temperature was above 27 degrees! I spent the day trying to cool the room and the house throughout the day cause the avg temp inside was above 28 degrees… Today also was the release of mr iglesias season 2 part 1 on netflix […]