Wednesday a goodbye in the rain!

So yes today is abit bittersweet in one way, but exciting in another but its a weird mix of feelings im not gonna lie. Cause today the person i been hanging out almost to pretty much every single day this summer is gonna go home since im leaving for my mini vacation tomorrow. But its kinda scary how fast you get used to have someone around when you have been on your own for almost a full year, outside of work.

But yea the trains are acting up again, so i asked my dad if he could drive us down to another city cause a train is gonna leave from there to his city and its not gonna be delayed or anything like the rest of them are. Said and done a cardrive later with really heavy rain we stood on platform waiting for the train to start and let people onboard.

When they finally opened, i did have that bittersweet feeling of saying goodbye, but it is just for a few more days and then we will meet again!

But yea when i got home later that evening, i said “im home” and it felt so empty, like its crazy how fast you get used to a new way of life when its a new way of life your not used to!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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