Thursday work

Today i worked all day, it was a fun day with not to many things happening. We went on a trip outside to a nearby play area and just had a great time. I also fixed 1 thing for my studies, so now i am almost completely ready for the 5th semester… Tomorrow is Friday…… Continue reading Thursday work

Sunday once again the snow came!

The snow came back this afternoon! Today i just decided that i wanted a calm, nothing happening day. The day have been quite enjoyable just doing what i felt like, nothing more nothing less! But tomorrow is the last day of “vacation” until June! Back to uni from next week and new semester starting in…… Continue reading Sunday once again the snow came!

Tuesday such a calm day.

Today was so calm, everything just flew by without much happening. Well the biggest thing that happend was during my bus journey to my internship. The bus broke and had to switch buses before getting off at my stop. I also was talking to someone about the fact that very few people are wearing reflexes…… Continue reading Tuesday such a calm day.

Sunday another day gray and falling rain..

I woke up fairly early (8am) looked outside and was like “NOPE” and stayed in bed for 30 minutes more before getting breakfast. Took it easy until 11 when i had to do some grocery and other assignments. Before getting lunch. The rest of the day i used for trying to come up with ideas…… Continue reading Sunday another day gray and falling rain..