Monday thesis thesis and more thesis…….

Yepp today is another day of hardcore working on my thesis! I have until 4pm today to get a decent text ready for my mentor to read and give feedback on tomorrow when i have my final meeting with him.

Then based on what he says i gotta fix the text up some more in preperation for Thursday when i send it in for plagurism and sign up for the final seminar where i gotta defend why i written what i written… yay

Well i spent 6 hours working on getting a text ready so now i have sent it off to my teacher, funny enough i am happy with this text wich doesnt really happend often. Now based on the feedback tomorrow i will know what i need to add / change / inclued more of and so on wich is good then i can work on that during tomorrow and Wednesday so i will be ready for Thursday.

Then after Thursday comes around i will keep working on it abit more to make sure i have a good enough text for the final submission! But now atleast i am on the right track and i am excited to be able to send in the final version of this thesis.

A few days ago i was worried i wouldnt have any text to hand in, but i also know myself pretty good and the closer to the deadline i get the more i can write, its not like i panic and just write cause i need to but more that the closer i get the more motivation and ideas flows into my mind in reguards what i need to write.

So yea im sure this will be fine, who knows if i dont pass it i will keep working on it and resubmit it this coming fall. (unless i gotta remake it but i hope thats not the case.) But i am doing my best and i wont give up just yet. Tomorrow after my mentor meeting i will be working on the text based on his feedback so that will be good. I already know a few things he will be telling me to add so i already have those things prepared but just need to make sure it is the things he want me to add!

Now then there is less then 18 days left until im done with uni lets go!


By Dan

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