Sunday its starting!

So yea i decided to put on a playlist and just have it playing all day and yea some parts of the songs i had to vibe with and just sing along to cause it was good music..

But yea its now officially 10 weeks left of uni, like it feels so surreal that i already have gotten this far like i didnt think i would to be honest.

Starting tomorrow i work 4 weeks more before taking 4 weeks of work to finishing up my thesis, i have a time/week schedule for what i need to do this and that week. Everything from data collection to book and writing is all planned out as it look now but i decided to be safe and give me a few extra (weeks) on a few things so that INCASE stuff goes to shit i already am prepared with a plan b.

But now ima keep the music playing next week and the final 10 weeks music is here! Lets go i am doing this and i pray i will survive this!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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