Lets take a look at how 2021 have been in the yearly RECAP!


January was the start of the year and i got back into my yearly creative moments, i created several pieces of art that i was very content with and surpirced that i even managed to make, so that was a great start of the year, ofcourse i had a retake exam aswell but that was done and sent in!


February came around and it was more of a hectic period of time since the final semester of uni had started and it was time to start working on the thesis, i had an idea what i wanted to write about and i had a plan. The lectures were all focused about the how to properly write and conduct the writing part but yea it was abit stressfull but we made it through!


We were already in march and this month it started, it was time to gather books, do field observations and in the mids of it all work and a month of selfreflecting. There was so much in my mind and all that i was not really in a good headspace. I didnt really have a good balance between work, personal life and thesis and it started to eat at me slowly..


This was an emotional month, i was behind on the thesis, my emotions and stresslevels were everywhere and i think i cried atleast 10 times in this month… I found new songs and small animations that just tugged at my heartstrings and it wasnt an easy month since i couldnt really get into the headspace and the final date to submit the thesis was approaching fast and my scheduled plan for how to do the thesis was out of the window…


The final month of thesis was here and jeez i knew i had to put in overdrive to have it done, but the weeks and days flew by and i ended up in some sort of zen mode and i were able to write the thesis with fairly ease after i got the observations done. It was an intresting month and the final month of uni was over!


This month was the month i was gonna get the results back if i had a passing thesis or not, it was nervwrecking but i was done and i had filled in all the feedback and done the corrections the teachers asked me to and yea, at the end of the month i finally got the grade back and i had passed, after 3.5 years of laughter, tears, irritations and more i was finally done. I had finished my bachelor and was done with uni!


In july i started working on my visual novel (VN) that i have been wanting to create for quite sometime and now with no uni and more free time i was able to sit down and learn how to properly make one!


August came around and i got to sign a new contract for work, now i officially was hired as a preschool teacher and i also got my documents and all that i was officially done and now could work fulltime!


September was a troubling month for me, I lost all will to live at some point and everything just was really bad, I had no energy, no joy my meaning in life didnt excist and so much negativity just flooded me this month, so I seeked professional help to get back on track. The first step is to admit that you need help! I also got news that I would be living on my own for the first time ever starting november!


October was a month filled with preperations, packing, planing, shopping and more, at the end of october i had the keys to the appartment and were able to move down the mayority of my things and needed to look for the missing furniture that I needed and setting the place up!


November rolled around I bought a new sofa, new glasses and just renewed myself this month as I felt it was time to do that! I also officially am done with uni this month as I was handed the symbolic glass apple that reprecent knowledge.


The final month of 2021 have rolled around and this month really have been ups and downs! I have been sick, I have been tired, I have baked for the first time in ages, I been having fun at work and even decided on a few future plans, aswell as felt my stomach hate me twice this month!

But now I look forward to a new year and what awaits that we dont know! I hope that this pandemic will be less straining and that the world will be abit better then its been these past 2 years. Lets make 2022 a better year for both mental health and relationships!


And I will see you all in 2022!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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