Thursday fixing abit around the appartment!

So today im actually feeling alot better then I done this whole week.. what a freaking end of 2021! But I managed to go outside, have lunch with my parents and even fix a few things around my appartment!

So yea I have had 2 shelfs that have been in pieces for the past month, I just have had no way of setting them up, due to no screws and etc but today we have screws and we are setting this up!

So now I have 1 smaller shelf, wich I probably will move out into the living room at one point together with the bigger one but not sure yet! I also got a new roof lamp for christmas so now thats up aswell!

Im gonna try get a new desk cause the current one is slowly but surely falling appart so yea gonna invest in a new one asap! When thats done i am gonna be fixing the “office space” abit more to make it look cozy and warm just need to think abit how I want it to look and all that!

Tomorrow is new years eve wich means the final day of 2021 is here! I will be writing the summery of 2021 in that post and yea this year have been a rollercoaster and I hope you will stick around for 2022 cause who knows what that will bring!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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