Tuesday some relaxing and pool after work!

So today work went great and it went fast, i stayed at work after i finished cause we were gonna go out all the collegues together to a place for some socializing and relaxing.

So 20 minutes in a car later and we were there at a big old house looking like a smaller mansion, and you were greeted with a small open fireplace and really cozy inside.

We walked around and checked the building out, then it was time for some food and dessert wich tasted amazing, i ate my full so I didnt have energy to eat more then one portion, but it was really nice.

Then for dessert there was a chocholate cake wich tasted even better!

After that we split up cause some wanted to take a bath in the outside area and me well I have heard rumors there was a pool table somewhere so we went there and played abit and it was fun!

Now tomorrow is a new day so im gonna head to bed!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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