Tuesday, reconnecting to dreams.

So today i been reflecting about my own future and what i see my future work as.

For the past year and a half i keep reading so much negativity and people lifting the problematic areas. I myself realise the hardships that alot of preschools have every single day every single week every single year. The problem is that everyone seem to keep looking for the negativity instead of the positivity. I do wholeheartedly the reason why i doubt my own choise of education, is because of the negativity i keep reading.

But today i once again realised why im studying and why i love doing what i do. It is the unconditional love that everyone who works in preschools and schools should know about. This line of work is exausting, challenging, problematic and chaotic. But there is so much to gain every day that we cant forget what is it we strive for.

I still have my dream to open a small store with books and a café one day. But that is a dream that might never ever happend but i will still dream about it!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!