Monday new week!

To start of this week i have decided to take it slow and do my best this week, now for 3 days in a row i have had a headache but that is probably a combination of lack of sleep and the cold. But it gets better atleast i hope it will. 

Yesterdays blogpost was one of the longest ones i have written and todays will be a shorter one then that i can assure you!

Today it has been snowing all day, it started around 11am and it hasnt let up at all since it started this morning, it still snowing and it is going between really big snowflakes to teeny tiny ones. But it looks so peaceful, the snow gently falling to the ground. I was out to check the mailbox cause we forgot about that this afternoon and the footprints i left around 3pm was all gone. 

But i also heard a question today that is abit connected to my post yesterday about dreams, and that question was “and what will you do after that is achieved?” That question got stuck to me IF i achieve all my dreams and goals in life what will i do after? For me it will simply mean i can indulge myself in a new project or even a new dream. But then i heard a new question “Will pursueing your dreams really make you that happy?” I francly dont know if it will make me happy but for the moment of realisation that i managed to reach my dream. That moment will contain some happiness atleast for that moment, but it probably wont keep me happy forever, but i will be happy for the moment. I also believe we need to live for the moment, for the day cause we can make an impact on the day but we cant affect the past. 

We are closing in on christmas and i know not everyone celibrate christmas, or any holiday for that matter BUT do remember to stop, think and reflect about what is important to you RIGHT NOW, not what you wanna achieve tomorrow or yesterday but RIGHT NOW. Take care of your dearest cause they are here now.

That was everything i had to share today and tomorrow is another day!