Tuesday studies and the ER.

So today i woke up 7am to get ready to go to the ER. Wasnt for my part but had to come with as support. I also been studying the social bonds that kids create and how it affect them all. 

So today have been heavy, first waking up early to eat breakfast and then get ready jump into a car and away to the ER. (Emergency Room) I sat there for 6 hours before everything was done and we could go home. Atleast i managed to start reading the book for tomorrow. Tomorrow is the first time in 6 weeks i meet my classmates face to face, wich will be amazing! 

But during the evening my cough came back but just need to take it slow tomorrow and not breath in to much cold air. But we will see how that goes tomorrow, got a workshop where we gonna learn abit of sign language that we can use in my work later. So i am excited for that aswell, gonna sit on the train tomorrow morning to go through the material. 

A short blogpost today and it is time for me to sleep!