Thursday the road ahead is only in the mind of the traveler.

I dont know why i named todays post this but that sentence does contain some truth, or so i want to believe anyway.

Cause every journey starts with a single step, but before you yourself take that one step your mind already have the start, the goal and the road in sight.

I myself am happy to have seen a few parts of this huge world already.

But my journey started long ago even tho im not close to my goal or even 20% done with it. How i know? Well that is simply because i want to travel way further then i been so far.

Even tho the travels might get shorter for the future for now but in a not so distant future the roads are wider and the destinations limitless.

If i would ask my old self where i saw myself today, the answer would most likely be that traveling was still only a dream.

But for now this road will be walked and when the crossroads appear we will see what road i take when its time for that!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!