Friday a thought: You dont need a reason to be someones friend.

I am grateful for the friends i meet and have to this day. Today ima go on a trip down memory lane and explain what my view on friendship is aswell as how i think some people out in the world view friendship.

When i was kid i was a loner, someone who didnt really have friends, nor understand what the meaning of the word friend was. The word friend and its meaning would take me almost 16 years to figure out and what the true meaning for friendship is for me.

When i was a kid i tried to always be alone, cause francly it made everything easier somehow, atleast that was what i thought. Now that i think back i realize i wasnt as lonely as i appeared to be.

Now when i look where i am i am grateful to all people i met and get to talk to on a day to day basis. There are some i dont talk to more then once or twice a week / a month but we still are able to talk like we just did talk an hour ago.

But to me the meaning of the word friend is simple, someone who are there and that i can talk to when i need aswell as i am there and the person know they can talk to me when they need to.

But i think many thinks that friends inclued being able to just treat them all differently. Like one friend might be used as an emotional bag, others might be used to get a laugh, even drink their sorrows away.

But arent a friend really someone that will be there for you however you might be feeling, and for whatever your going through?

Not everyone will be your friend and some people you cant be yourself with, but the person you meet and lets you be your wicked, stupid, sad, happy, energetic, crazy, lets face it the person who lets you being YOU that is a friend that will stick by your side until the end. Or am i wrong?

The word friend has different meanings for everyone just remember what a friend is to you!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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