Today i finished my exam partly anyway! And got the things i need to finish the second part of the exam. Today i even managed to do abit of streaming wich was nice and i realise just how much i actually enjoy the things i do. I also realised how big this website project is […]

So today was a rough day in many ways, i was sent on an errand that normally take 15 minutes and it took me 1 hour. Then i had to make lunch cause it was time for that, then i had about 15 minutes to make a few notes before i had to get up […]

So its the end of October and it is starting to get colder outside, we had a really warm summer so i am expecting a really cold winter but we will see. But we had snow YESTERDAY the first snow has already landed and it was so cold. Now on the news they said its […]

So this day have passed and i currently sitting and listening to a few intressting youtube songs. One wich is this: While i sit and listen to songs like this, i find myself thinking “How does this song make me feel?” So ofcourse we get more questions like “How come music makes such a big […]

So we all know the saying “Life is never fair” but i do try and look at it differently, hence the title “Life is not always fair” the reason behind this title is cause this past week have been upside down in alot of ways and i gone through alot of feelings. So let me […]