This week have really pushed alot, but it has contained both good and bad things. Today was fun tho, was outside alot. The sun was shining and even the birds were singing… Its freaking January not March/April!… After i got home i was dead tired and felt drained after this week. I also noticed that […]

Today i worked all day, it was a fun day with not to many things happening. We went on a trip outside to a nearby play area and just had a great time. I also fixed 1 thing for my studies, so now i am almost completely ready for the 5th semester… Tomorrow is Friday […]

Today was a work day again, this whole week is filled with work except that there is a lecture tomorrow. with course introduction. Today have been a good day tho, the sun was shining and it was really nice outside so majority of today was spent outside. But i think i am getting a cold […]

Yes today have been so freaking cold that i could hardly warm up even when i sat under blankets and next to a heater… I dont mind winter but since we have no snow on the ground the cold have a tendency to keep creeping onto me… Today have been a calm but cold day […]

Today i went out and went to the big city near me together with my best friend. We were supposed to go last weekend but sickness came in the way. But this weekend we went and we watched both Jumanji The next level and Knives Out, and i gotta say this year started with some […]