Today have been one of those days when i look at the sky and think, what type of weird weather we have in this time of the year. We still have above 10+ degrees celsius and that when i was younger was not the case at all. We are closing in on October wich is […]

So today if there wouldnt have been the whole covid-19 pandemic raging in the world this weekend would be the town fair that comes once a year and you meet people you dont often see more then once a year. But due to the pandemic ofcourse this was closed so no surprice there, and i […]

So now Friday has come again and with it another weekend will take place! Today me and my group finished the group assignment and just need to write everything into a powerpoint so there isnt much more to do before wednesday wich is great! I need to study up on the words and everything for […]

Today have been one of those days when i finally decide to sit down to see what comes to mind reguarding the exam i have that is due tomorrow! After some reading up a definition of the term that the exam was all about i decided to think how i can incorporate the pure essence […]

So today at work went nice and fast, tho there was a few moments where i honestly felt really stressed today but thats nothing we can do anything about, some things are just ment to be stressful.. After work it was time for exam prep, so after abit over 1 hour we decided on a […]