So today started really early when i post this i been up for almost 22 hours.. Woke up before 5am shaking and cold sweat. I had a minor panic attack because i had a really bad dream that had me terrified. But around 12pm me and my friend tried taking the last gold statue for […]

So another has started and i actually went through and watched warrior nun on netflix. Gotta say it is a good one. Then me and my friend played some more Mariokart trying to take gold trophy on all levels. So after a few races we watched 2 movies before playing some more! Slowly but surely […]

Today was another day spent watching movies and playing mariokart! This marks the ending of the vacation and since we cant really/want to travel somewhere we go ahead and go through the huge list of movies that we talked about instead! Todays mariokart session went better then yesterday but i still got my butt attacked […]

So today i went to visit my friend, and we have discussed watching videos and playing games so thats what the hangout will be all about! Mariokart is kinda an unforgiving game… on the last lap i was in the lead and my friend second place and i was bombarded! Blueshell + redshell + lightning […]

Todays blogpost will be abit short cause today i havent done anything except enjoying spending the day looking out through my window and watching the clouds and the silent rain slowly falling on my windows. Hope everyone have had a good day! //Dan

So i gone back to playing Assassins creed Odyssey again and well i kinda dwell deep into my gamer persona when i play this game.. I think on how would this character react in the current situation and what is the best play. Being an Assassins Creed game your objective is to ofcourse assassinate some […]

So i did work abit today and i didnt really feel like waking up, it was the first day i really ever felt like not waking up at all. But up i went and prepared for work. After work i was in a discord call with a few friends and i really craved popcorn but […]

So since i woke up this morning i felt like something was wrong. The feeling kept on growing through out the day and at 5pm i was so drained that i could have gone to sleep right there and then.. I dont know why i feel this way today but hopefully tomorrow will be better. […]

Today i called my local hospital to have them write up a new medication for me. The rest of the day i didnt really had any energy cause suddenly there was 30+ degrees once again! After Sunday with rain and thunder we got 30+ degrees and no clouds again! I dont mind the sun, but […]