So vacation is over and its back to work, i feel abit more relaxed and its been well needed but 2.5 weeks have gone by so fast… Today we sat in meetings all day so that was fun! Now the day is over and im exausted doesnt feel like im rested at all no idea […]

So yea the blogpost that i released earlier is something of an topic for this year cause it is something that i honestly believe deserve to be talked about and so many people are feeling ill or even falling ill as the world is looking today. So yes the theme of 2021 is mental health! […]

So i have been thinking when i were gonna bring this subject up again. Its been a while since i posted about exams, i feel like its been a while anyway maybe im wrong… But yea i have a week now until my final exam of the 6th semester is finally over and i am […]

So yes for the first time in years i think, i gotten a feeling of proudness in myself about myself and its cause of this new sketching hobby, i always liked to draw but never been good or even giving myself time or even been taking space for myself to sit down and just tried […]

So today i got my retake exam i sent in 29th of December! Due date on the 30th of December, like i mean 6 days later and its back already thats some fast results! Wich i like not gonna lie! So what was this retake? Well it was the book reflection exam that i didnt […]

So 3 days into the new year and its time to think back on the past already. Before i go into todays topic i just wanna say that i know i have a tendency to do these posts but thats just my nature! Anyway lets get into the past! So today i am thinking back […]

Yea so today… well today have been… what i wanna say is… NOPE i have no idea for todays post cause today nothing happend… well something did happend and it was intresting. So i havent been streaming for the past 6 months, cause well uni and life got in the way. But today i just […]