Yes today was exam day and we were giving feedback at 9am and our presentation at 11am.. It all went fine and it was quite intressting to listen to some of the future ideas people have. And at break time i had bought a sandwich and a soft drink. I was eating and just trying […]

Yes today i worked a full day and what a day it has been, i have been out in the rain and it was abit cold but noone really minded. The time flew by before lunch and then it was time for the afternoon before i got to go home. When i got home i […]

It feels abit weird that it has been 2 weeks of January soon, but i am happy that this has gone pretty ok so far. Tho this year really will probably be one of the years that will lead to some hard decisions. But today have been a good day, tho my nose have been […]

Today i woke up late, got ready and went out for groceries and some small errands. It was abit cold and windy outside but it was not to bad. The wind was not really blowing except the trees were moving just abit. It was later on the day it started blowing really hard and it […]

Today have been a day that has been hard on me for various reasons. For a really personal reason i been nervous all day. For another reason i been stressed out cause an exam thats due next week. But i also been trying to fix together some type of text for an exam next Wednesday. […]