Todays blogpost will be abit short cause today i havent done anything except enjoying spending the day looking out through my window and watching the clouds and the silent rain slowly falling on my windows. Hope everyone have had a good day! //Dan

So i gone back to playing Assassins creed Odyssey again and well i kinda dwell deep into my gamer persona when i play this game.. I think on how would this character react in the current situation and what is the best play. Being an Assassins Creed game your objective is to ofcourse assassinate some […]

So i did work abit today and i didnt really feel like waking up, it was the first day i really ever felt like not waking up at all. But up i went and prepared for work. After work i was in a discord call with a few friends and i really craved popcorn but […]

So since i woke up this morning i felt like something was wrong. The feeling kept on growing through out the day and at 5pm i was so drained that i could have gone to sleep right there and then.. I dont know why i feel this way today but hopefully tomorrow will be better. […]

Today i called my local hospital to have them write up a new medication for me. The rest of the day i didnt really had any energy cause suddenly there was 30+ degrees once again! After Sunday with rain and thunder we got 30+ degrees and no clouds again! I dont mind the sun, but […]

So the past 3 weeks or so we have had really sunny and warm weather and today it shifted completely! Grey clouds towering all over the sky, a breeze and then it started.. First a small drizzle came and lasted for 5 minutes, THEN thunder started sounding and the rain fell hard! The rain is […]

Today i woke up and felt nope i aint doing anything today NOTHING I AINT DOING ANYTHING. Well i could throw that idea out the window cause i had to do several things that (thereticly) wait until tomorrow but nope. Even tho i didnt wanna do anything i still did what i had to do […]

Today i just kept asking myself at points where are the world going? With everything that is currently going on and what keeps happening i really do wonder what is and where are we going with our world? People are in such a rush to get back to normal that the people who are supposed […]

Yes the weather is nice and all but when 30+ degrees and gotta have energy for work that aint a good combo. The rest of the day i spent trying to cool myself down! I hope you all out there in this heat stay hydrated and have enough time to cool off! //Dan