Today i woke up at 5am.. I dont know why but i could not go back to sleep.. so i was so tired all day but could not take a nap or anything… I started preparing more for the exam that i am writing this week, but could not do more then prepare due to […]

Monday again means work! Such a calm day, tho it was really cold outside when the wind came around… slowly but surely the wind picked up at some points. But when there was no wind it was really enjoyable in the sun! The coming days will be used for the exam that is due on […]

Since Thursday the days have seemed to go in slow-motion. Not that i will be complaining cause it has been quite enjoyable. The weather have been all over the place, but i have been enjoying the comfort from my own home. These have been days i just enjoyed, calm no stress and time to just […]

I woke up, looked outside saw the blue sky and the sun shining on the trees over the village. I have an exam that is due in 8 days and 8 hours, i have almost everything to write it… except the 2 MOST important books wich i will get next week, most likely on Monday […]

This Friday have been so calm, the time has moved slowly, the weather has been abit weird the but that is ok. The day i havent done much been playing some animal crossing new horizon! Aswell as Genshin Impact closed beta 2 so 2 really good games! Yesterday i sent in my old computer aswell […]

Today i woke up 6am… could not go back to sleep at all so i was drained all day… Today i did try sketching and doodling abit but i could not get creative in anyway! I got annoyed with myself cause i wanna get better at sketching, but i think ima start with something simple… […]

Today was the day! Today it was time to do the group presentation! The clock turned 12pm and i went into a call to prepare for the presentation that was 1 hour later, just so we could prepare. 1pm started and the teacher had a quick information on what was gonna happend and then it […]

NO MOTIVATION TODAY! Yes that is correct i woke up didnt feel like doing anything even tho today due for the exam paper that is necessary for getting a grade in the group assignment… but yes did not feel like it. Still did it and finished it up at 5pm or so. Tomorrow is our […]

Today started with some grey clouds on the sky and i was certain it would come some rain! But i was wrong! The sky broke free into a perfect blue with the sun shining like crazy down onto us. It was such a perfect weather that it was so nice being outside enjoying the sun, […]

Today is Sunday so i been focusing on trying to prepare for the exam that is happening on Wednesday.. Looking through books and old notes. While taking breaks and refresh my head abit aswell. After i compiled the info i was gonna play abit on my Xbox, but i couldnt login to my account so […]