Today was halfway through the internship, it is kinda crazy that its only abit less then 2 weeks left of the last internship for 1 year.. For this internship i have 10 keypoints i need to fullfill in order to pass. So together with my mentor i reflected on the activities i done so far, […]

yea today was really foggy throughout the whole day it was quite nice, i like the fog it has some calming effect on me. But my head was still spinning throughout the day, but someone told me yesterday it can be because of illness that is waiting to break out, and today someone told me […]

Today started abit chaotic with me oversleeping by 20 minutes. I still managed to get done and get on the bus to the internship. The first half of the day was fine, but after lunch my head started spinning and kept spinning for the rest of the day. I had to lie down when i […]

Yes today i been doing nothing, this Saturday was great fun playing boardgames until 2am and then sleep until 10am. But not having energy so stayed in bed until 11. Went up and had some brunch since it was to late for breakfast but abit to early for lunch, so it was brunch. Watched 2 […]

Today was good came up with plans for next weeks activity! It will be fun and im looking forward to it. I also got my sword and shield dual pack today so i am even happier! And the day is now ending together with my best friend in preparation for this weekends hangout. Hope you […]