Today i did have work planning for the coming August and forward so the only problem is that time flies and not everything you wanna plan will get planned cause there is so much more that needs to be done. Then i was free for abit before the next meeting started and that as the […]

So as stated last week my old allergy medication isnt made anymore so i had to switch and today was the day i tried it! This medicin taste like mint and thats great i LOVE mint! I was worried it wouldnt have any effect, but luckily it seems to have worked all day! So this […]

Yes todays weather was hot, like way above 30 degrees hot! The problem is not really the weather, the problem is what comes with the weather wich is lack of energy.. since warm weather and energy is a decent mix for some it is not good for me! My room went up to 35 degrees.. […]

So today it was well over 35 degrees and i have been melting, luckily there is ice cream and fans so its survivable.. Tomorrow is said to be as warm maybe abit less but still the summer is here and now i will be enjoying it! //Dan

So today there was some really strong winds going on, at points i felt like i was being blown away by a gust of wind… but the winds were warm and i didnt really mind the gusts! I also went to get my allergy medication from the pharmacy to find out that my medication isnt […]

Today was a good day, sunshine, clouds and a small breeze. It felt so nice working in this weather instead of the blasting sun, that makes it to hot so thats not a nice weather to work in. There was some rain in the evening aswell but that came and went as fast as it […]

Today was a good day, weather was great, my energy levels were on a good level aswell and got to spend the day outside! The weirdest part happend in the evening around 10pm it started raining like crazy for 10 minutes before it completely stopped and the sun was back up! I hope you have […]

So i have been thinking, there is so much i wanna do but i keep trying to do it all at once wich is a bad habit of mine. Everything should be done in order not to be completely haphazerdly put together.. But i feel like im trying to do to much at the same […]