Yes i decided to try and get it to run steam as it have had alot of issues with even starting it. After spending the majority of the day with trying to get it up and running… I managed to get it to atleast update the app… But 3 hours ago something happend after my […]

Yes this wont be a long blogpost cause im so tired and gonna head to sleep! Today started great with sun and icecream but at 3pm it all changed! The sky turned dark and the rain fell and thunder came around! It kept thundering until 8pm cest! So i been sitting and enjoying the view […]

I have been outside from 09:30am until 4:30pm pretty much BECAUSE the weather was perfect, not to hot, not to cold but perfect balanced! I enjoyed the sun, the discussions, the enjoyable moments where even tho i didnt think i was doing anything i was doing alot! After work was done i bought myself an […]

Today have been great, could sleep in and had breakfast and lunch before going to work! Feeling good cause the sun was out and it was hot like perfect weather to work in! I am lucky i decided to work with what i do, cause i get to socialize, investigate questions i normally dont think […]

Yes today i was woken up at 7am and got asked to come and work! This vacation started nicely, work is so much fun and i love it! Got tomorrow and Wednesday with work aswell and next week 2 more days wich is awesome! I am also looking forward to wednesday when there is some […]

Today was a nice day! Sun was shining the air was warm and the lawn was being cut! Wait thats not a good thing!? Since i have a allergy towards grass and when it gets cut my allergy flares up.. not the best but atleast summer is here! According to the weather forecast it will […]

Today have been such a weird day, i opened my computer and started watching some youtube videos and suddenly i felt like doing nothing so i walked away from my computer and lied down. Even tho i love games some of them is not giving me the happiness it once did, I think im burned […]