This blogpost was delayed due to me being abit busy yesterday! Today was gonna be good i felt when i woke up. I stayed a few minutes extra in bed but it was nice, the birds were singing and the sun was shining from a half gray sky. After breakfast i went out for groceries […]

Today i woke up at 8am cause the phone downstairs were ringing.. I looked outside and the sun was shining abit, but clouds were waiting at the horizon! I went down had a small breakfast and then we went out for groceries. But as soon as i stepped outside it started raining… It is good […]

Today i got my last written exam back, wich i sent in the 8th of May! I was so nervous when i clicked into the exam to check the grade and it was a passing grade! So releaved and happy now there is one more exam that should come back next week! But i also […]

Today i have taking things slow! Yesterday i tweeted out and also asked on discord about i need feedback and suggestions on how to improve this website! I got someone who gave me good ideas and points of improvement so that was good! Now the problem was “how” would i be able to fix the […]

Yes the first exam was today, we started this morning at 8:30am. The nervs came and it was silly but i felt way to nervous for this exam then i had to be.. The exam went past really fast and we got some feedback wich we discussed abit and made the appropriate changes for next […]

So today i woke up had a small breakfast like normally.. and then i took my allergy pill cause i was gonna go out and do groceries. When i started walking down the stairs and outside i noticed my breathing was quite heavy, like normally i breath abit heavy but this was hard to breath […]

Today i really havent done anything, cause i been so tired and no energy at all… I finished all this weeks animé episodes aswell that i hasnt watched this week. But i been thinking abit more today and come to a conclusion that life is like a river, you follow the stream and it will […]

Today have been weird. Like i woke up had to take an allergy pill and lie down for 2 minutes again cause my head was spinning. I went out to do groceries and got home had to sit cause i was hungry (i even had a big breakfast)… After lunch i didnt do much watched […]