Monday a story that hit close to home..

Its weird but the past 3 days I been engrossed in reading a story that just makes me think.. today especially..

So the story revolves around relationship and each person this main character ends up in a relationship with has their own special querk to them, like we all have different things we are passionate and intressted in..

So it got me thinking while reading todays chapters this person have an backstory being in another relationship that ended badly.. this person ended up going to therapy to handle the breakup and while doing this ended up with a depression while getting medication for said depression.

There was talks about signs of depression, what you can do for someone who is depressed and this hit me hard.. even tho its a story with not real people I saw myself in alot of this characters struggles, depression, suicide thoughts, old relationships getting a bad end, internal struggles with feelings and more. It hit abit to close to home…

But this character gets saved by one persons actions. This I think is something everyone who suffers from depression can somehow relate to how important that single person who sent a message/called/talked to you/were there for you is. There is ofcourse sometimes where thats not enough but for some that small gesture is big enough to save a life.

Well why am I bringing this up? Well I think its an important subject to discuss and also something that I dont think many people reflect over the fact that with kindness and care they can save a life of someone else.


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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