So todays title is fairly easy to explain… I have been sneezing since i woke up, its like i have a feather in my nose that tickles me nonstop! Its fairly annoying, hopefully it will stop soon 🤔 Other then sneezing i have just enjoyed this Friday, abit sunny, gentle clouds on the sky and […]

Today i have spent majority with playing a few games, namely: 1. The witcher 3 Wild Hunt. 2. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. To start of with the witcher, i have found a new love for this game, even tho i never got really far in it when i started it now keeps […]

Today i was abruptly awaken to do grocery shopping, i mean all is fine and its neccesary BUT at 8am thats way to agressive for my taste. Also there was heavy rain outside, nothing beats brash wakeups like heavy rain wich i had to go in. The rain kept falling until around 4pm maybe 5 […]

Yea today i thought lets not take an allergy pill since im only going outside for a quick thing… well i should have taken the pill cause i think EVERYONE in my town was cutting their lawn like no joke, wherever i watched i saw someone with their lawnmover.. I am allergic to grass pollen […]

This day started 9am with some breakfast and then i started working on a few things for my twitch channel. I made a new badge for all subscribers aswell as a new emote that is currently pending review but it might be up tomorrow! I also made another emote but gotta fix that before i […]

Yes i went to sleep at 3:30am as i pointed out in my last post, but i also didnt sleep for very long… I woke up at 5am, fell back asleep woke up 7am, went back to sleep again woke up at 9 drifted between awake and sleep for around 1 more hour and then […]

Yes today was the midsommar celebration in all of Sweden, a day where people go out socializing and having fun with friends and family! I spent the afternoon and evening/early/late night with my friends talking, playing games and just having fun. We were outside playing a game BUT it started to rain so that fell […]

So today was an extremely early day.. woke up at 5am! I mean sure all is good but pls 5am is way to early… Well been going back and fourth to the store 3 times today cause they had a sale on potatoes! So many many potatoes… Also at around 3:30pm this afternoon i saw […]