This Monday have been spent with my classmates to polish our examination presentation that we have on Wednesday! Discussions, trial presentation to check how long this presentation will take.. We have alot of questions and answers that has been compiled and answered to with help of our books and lectures. Got home and made some […]

Today i finished my exam prep, BUT it has stressed me out completely.. i dont know if the thing i have written is in anyway correct or if i screwed myself over completely! I sent a message to my classmate explaining my fears and calmy replied “we will see tomorrow if we all have thought […]

So today i been focusing on my exam prep for Monday, i will be done with it tomorrow. I have some issues explaining a certain word for the exam.. quite annoying and vexing but it should be fine.. just need to write it in a nice way somehow… I just hope this will be fine […]

So i have until Monday to finish my script, for the first exam. Then i also gotta work on my second exam wich is due date on Friday! Next week will be pure chaos in more sence then one. Now i just gotta focus on surviving next week, so that we can enter the week […]

So today i went out at 6:45am to make my way to the trainstation, the temperature outside was -14.5 degrees celsius… So it was cold! After i reach my destination, i get picked up by my classmate and off we go. We drive around abit in the city to warm the car up, by now […]

Yepp today havent really contained alot, all i done today is finishing up the exam prep for next weeks exam, made food and watched some IT Crowd on Netflix. This has been my day, cause i spent a few hours doing the exam prep, did spend an hour or two making the food… and then […]

Today was the last day of this week! This week have contained quite abit, we said goodbye to 2018 and said hello and welcome to 2019! I am forcing myself to cut down on suger this year, not completely stop with suger but i am cutting it down abit, cause i have had to much […]

So today is Saturday and my friend and i booked another movie evening for the big screen! Today we are gonna watch both A star is Born and Mary Poppins returns, wich is gonna be exciting to see how they are. From the reviews and overall talk about the movies people are talking about them […]