Todays blog is not a long one cause i havent been doing tons of stuff today! So today i was taking it easy, didnt do much just listened to music and watched animé and some youtube videos. But i just felt like rewatching a really cute animé that i havent watched since it was released.  […]

So this evening i was gonna stream some Subnautica but the frames kept jumping like crazy, so i had to pick another game. I scroll through my steam library and stumble across “Fable Anniversary” and start the game up. Instantly i am thrown back several years, i havent played the first Fable game in probably […]

So today is Tuesday and the cold have taken a grip around Sweden. It was close to -12 degrees at my place today! It was so cold but the trees outside was all white from the cold weather and there was sun so they where glistening and it looks so peaceful. Thats the most positive […]

So today was Tuesday and i was supposed to be doing an exam today but i gotten a cold ontop of this cough so i been dead today. Headache, coughs, shivers, no energy. So simply put the cold symtoms… But i did play some euro trycker 2 wich is a relaxing game. All you do […]

So today is Saturday and i was like should i buy a Nintendo Switch today? But i will wait cause hopefully it will go lower in price… right…  I also edited and uploaded the first video on my new youtube channel! Also made several playlists in advance for the games i will be doing lets […]

So today is Black Friday and i havent found anything that was worth buying of the things i was looking at. Mainly Nintendo Switch 😂 well i will wait for the christmas sale in december and hope it will be more affordable by then!  Also this morning i called the hospital again and i found […]

So this morning i woke up at 8:30am just so i would have 30 minutes to mentally prepare myself for the quiz that was about to start. At 8:55 the quiz opened and instructions stated 2 hours, 30 questions 24 correct answers means passing grade. The quiz took me 1 hour and 25 minutes to […]

So Wednesday again, started with a lecture wich i had to join through ny phone again. Being sick is horrible, i wanna meet my classmates again 😥 anyhow todays lecture was about how we should adapt different things so that everyone could be inclueded. There was also a discussion about what exclusion and handicaps really […]