So today is Christmas Eve wich means that we in Sweden and other Scandinavic countries are celebrating christmas together with family and friends. Sadly i have been feeling sick like i was gonna throw up since yesterday evening! So i have not been celebrating alot cause i been feeling like this all day and still […]

Today is the 23rd of December the day before christmas eve, in Sweden we celibrate christmas on the 24th. But i dont have any christmas feeling at all, but i probably will feel abit like christmas tomorrow when i put on christmas songs and just take in the general feeling of christmas. Today have been […]

So today have not really been that exciting, it has gone really slow tho for some reason.. But i managed to catch up on some anime episodes so all good! I also went outside even tho i would rather have stayed inside today, it was freezing -5 + wind is not a good combination at […]

So it is Christmas on Monday! That means a day of music, presents, family, food and more food! But it will be a day that is calm and relaxing, some people stress alot about this day but the most important is to actually just remember to take it slow. After christmas comes the sales! I […]

So today i had a lecture about genders you know boy/man girl/woman and everyone who is not identifieing themself as boy/girl/man/woman. I guess i could just put down male or female but ohwell! So this opened up fairly heated discussions about the norm in todays society, our different cultures and how important it is to […]

Today i did my last retake exam and i had a blast! Did 3 things with the kids 1. warm up roughly 2.5 minutes. 2. Main activity wich was Simon sais wich everyone joined in on! 3. Relax and evaluation so i asked all kids 2 things: 1. Was it fun or not and 2. […]

So this will be a short post cause all i done today is preparing for tomorrow when i will do my last part of the retake exam. Cause this morning i mailed my teacher asking IF i could get 2 extra days to finish the filmed sequence. 5 minutes later i got a reply that […]

Today started nicely, woke up stayed in bed for an extra 30 minutes cause i could and then out and did groceries. Cause i needed ingrediences for the meatloaf that was gonna be todays lunch.  It was only -3 degrees celsius so the air was pretty nice, the issue is not the cold air or […]