Sunday spending the day with music.

Today have been spent with some music and it has been great!

Everyday i am surrounding myself with music primarily cause i dont want to have it to quiet around me cause i lose focus when its silent, not that i dont like when its quiet cause its quite awesome to just sit and be quiet and reflect on various things of life.

But today i been listening to the new Album with Smash Into Pieces called Arcadia, it was great and one of the first songs that is availible on that album is called Wake up. That song hit me like a truck and made me realise so much about my current reality and how affected i truely am reguarding various things that is around me.

I will leave the song here cause it truely is speaking to me quite heavily to me:

I will go into the second song i was very touched by it, and the reason is cause it was dedicated to a person and that persons ashes is placed on the moon. I am talking about Eugene Merle Shoemaker. I dont know much more then i read about him and i gotta say this song i hope brings him justice cause it speaks about him, and i feel like he even tho he is dead probably are smiling down on earth and thanks Nightwish for creating this tribute to him!

But now the weekend is over and tomorrow is a new week and uni is starting so i will be starting to focus more on the studies and hopefully i will survive this semester!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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