So today i been feeling better, mentally anyway and been able to play games today again! Played Maple for 1 hour then i had to take a break and lie down, played 15 minutes of gta but got the worst coughing attack so had to stop and lie down.. and finally managed to get my […]

So i asume alot of people already know that Stan Lee passed away today.. So now we wont see him showing up in future marvel movies 😭 I also am feeling better today from my cold, but that is only cause i currently have taken painkillers and cough meds. But earlier today i couldnt breath […]

So today have been a rainy dag, aswell as fathersday but i been coughing so much since this morning that my body and head hurts… Yepp being sick is the worst! But today i been outside doing a few things i had to do, but been listning to the rain. Rain sounds are soothing and […]

So today i woke up fairly late, but i just had one of those days you just feel like sleeping all day. So i woke up, went out did some errands, home make lunch and then i have litterly been half sleeping until now pretty much and im gonna go sleep some more. I have […]

So today i have been reflecting backwards on my life more and more, sadly i notice myself becoming a person who i dont understand. I am currently going through my memories and everything that has happend. This year of 2018 have been a huge emotional wave back and forth, i found out i probably suffer […]

So since im still sick, i decided to start watching something on netflix and came across the serie called I Zombie. I have already finished the 1st season so today i went through the second season instead. It have some intressting thoughts, what if your a zombie and every brain you eat gives u all […]

So yea its Tuesday again! I was supposed to work today but after sleeping 3 hours and coughing constantly i decided to call in sick. So what have i done instead? Resting alot, started watching I Zombie on Netflix, updated the background art on website. But i also managed to have enough energy to try […]

So today was monday and my exam has to be handed in, i made some changes and mailed it to my friend. I then as mentioned yesterday a meeting with my friend, tho i felt like crap and had no energy i sat down on the train. Train took 30 minutes and then there is […]