Yes today was a good day, work was great i had a blast even tho it rained until the afternoon we had so much fun! We danced, crawled around, walked with our butts! We read books and just had fun outside where the rain had asemble in big puddles! Then it was time to go […]

Sadly i couldnt physically be at E3 and i would be lieing if i said i didnt wanna be there… But atleast i can watch it through twitch! The whole day i have kept myself busy with cleaning around my home, doing groceries and preparing food! But then 6pm was the time it started! They […]

Today have been spent outside enjoying some sun in the shade! Today have been great woke up to 15 degrees and sunshine! I had a small breakfast and went outside to do groceries and just enjoying the day. I also been looking at the E3 schedule and the most exciting one for me is Nintendo […]

Yes i decided to try and get it to run steam as it have had alot of issues with even starting it. After spending the majority of the day with trying to get it up and running… I managed to get it to atleast update the app… But 3 hours ago something happend after my […]

Yes this wont be a long blogpost cause im so tired and gonna head to sleep! Today started great with sun and icecream but at 3pm it all changed! The sky turned dark and the rain fell and thunder came around! It kept thundering until 8pm cest! So i been sitting and enjoying the view […]

I have been outside from 09:30am until 4:30pm pretty much BECAUSE the weather was perfect, not to hot, not to cold but perfect balanced! I enjoyed the sun, the discussions, the enjoyable moments where even tho i didnt think i was doing anything i was doing alot! After work was done i bought myself an […]

Today have been great, could sleep in and had breakfast and lunch before going to work! Feeling good cause the sun was out and it was hot like perfect weather to work in! I am lucky i decided to work with what i do, cause i get to socialize, investigate questions i normally dont think […]