Yes since Friday my coughing and throat and general condition have been getting worse and worse. But today it was bad i had to go out to do some grocery shopping and my whole body screamed i should just go and lie in bed. For the remaining day i been taking it slow and just […]

Yes today i woke up at 7am, but i didnt really feel like walking out of bed so i stayed in bed and reflected abit. (It is quite nice to do) For some reason i been tired all day without having any energy.. This might be after effects after yesterday nights stomach pains but if […]

Yes since i was up with stomach ache until 2am and i crashed asleep after that you can see att i call this a long day, i woke up at 6 again and from there my day continued.. I didnt really do much tho, i did groceries and walked abit while playing wizards unite! I […]

Yea today started abit to early.. 05:30 I woke up, went up ate something and then started working on some projects. Even tho i told myself, lets take a nap at around 3pm for 1 hour i couldnt cause i was in a call with a friend so yea, i decided to have some fika […]

Today been a slow day to be honest, but i woke up around 7am this morning and decided to stay in bed watching some serie just to have a good start of this Tuesday! Then i went out for groceries and some other errands. When i got home i spilled Pepsi all over the kitchen […]

Yes today was a good day, work was great i had a blast even tho it rained until the afternoon we had so much fun! We danced, crawled around, walked with our butts! We read books and just had fun outside where the rain had asemble in big puddles! Then it was time to go […]