Sunday hanging out with friends.

Today i been hanging out with my friends, playing cards, videogames and socialize about big and small questions. There was some rain and thunder aswell but we still just relaxed and enjoyed chilling and talking. Now im back home after a full day, tomorrow is my last vacation day for the next 4 weeks. But…… Continue reading Sunday hanging out with friends.

Wednesday rain, rain and some more rain.

Today i was abruptly awaken to do grocery shopping, i mean all is fine and its neccesary BUT at 8am thats way to agressive for my taste. Also there was heavy rain outside, nothing beats brash wakeups like heavy rain wich i had to go in. The rain kept falling until around 4pm maybe 5…… Continue reading Wednesday rain, rain and some more rain.

Sunday and so the rain started falling

Today i woke up at 8am cause the phone downstairs were ringing.. I looked outside and the sun was shining abit, but clouds were waiting at the horizon! I went down had a small breakfast and then we went out for groceries. But as soon as i stepped outside it started raining… It is good…… Continue reading Sunday and so the rain started falling

Wednesday exam #1 is done!

Yes the first exam was today, we started this morning at 8:30am. The nervs came and it was silly but i felt way to nervous for this exam then i had to be.. The exam went past really fast and we got some feedback wich we discussed abit and made the appropriate changes for next…… Continue reading Wednesday exam #1 is done!