Saturday, stream and a throat that are against me.

So today i woke up with my throat hurting really badly. It does not help that i woke up at 6:30am cause of that either. Anyway enough of the negative morning and onto what has been a pretty good day! I did a stream again and today was a good day where new faces and…… Continue reading Saturday, stream and a throat that are against me.

A Rough Day

So today was a rough day in many ways, i was sent on an errand that normally take 15 minutes and it took me 1 hour. Then i had to make lunch cause it was time for that, then i had about 15 minutes to make a few notes before i had to get up…… Continue reading A Rough Day

Life is not always fair.

So we all know the saying “Life is never fair” but i do try and look at it differently, hence the title “Life is not always fair” the reason behind this title is cause this past week have been upside down in alot of ways and i gone through alot of feelings. So let me…… Continue reading Life is not always fair.