A Rough Day

So today was a rough day in many ways, i was sent on an errand that normally take 15 minutes and it took me 1 hour. Then i had to make lunch cause it was time for that, then i had about 15 minutes to make a few notes before i had to get up and help with something else. Then back to sig down for 5 minutes before i had to go down into the basement to get tomorrows lunch.

This sitting down for 5 or 10 minutes repeated itself until roughly 6:15pm cet. I could then sit watch a anime episode BEFORE the electricity in my whole town went out. So then i walked around with my phone as a flashlight to try find some candles, 5 minutes later it came back and i had to set all the clocks in the house that runs on electricity.

Yepp today been one of the days where i wish i could get to sit for more then 20 minutes but no. Tomorrow is Thursday and gonna finish up my exam atleast!

Well enough ranting from my side for today, tomorrow is a new day!