Examination, motivation, struggles.

So yes i am back into an exam period and i have now less then 1 week before i need to hand in my next exam. For the exam i need to make a digital presentation wich is, after today took me 1 hour to actually almost finish completly, i do have a small bit more to add in but its mostly done.

I had to force myself to sit down and make this exam cause i have had no motivation to actually make this, i do find it really intressting BUT i have had no motivation to do this exam. But thanks to my friends who keeps pushing me to:

So now i might actually survive this exam aswell cause its fairly easy to focus on doing this and write together a script to present the thing in this presentation.


But to change the topic and actually focus on the positive thing that being a student has been all about. Sadly in Sweden its rare for a man to try to go for the bachelor degree for younger kids education, and more normal for a man to study to become a school teacher. But so why do i wanna become a “teacher” for younger kids? It is because i get so much happiness and i learn so much more together with the kids. If you never have worked with kids at the age of 1 to 5 you wont know how intressting it is to hear their thoughts and ideas about the daily things.

That was all i had to write about today.


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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